How Big Bill Speakman Fought Off North Korea With Beer Bottles

Private William Speakman-Pitt, known as Bill Speakman, of the British Army, arrives back at Lyneham in Wiltshire from Korea, wearing the Victoria Cross (first in the row of campaign medals) which he won for his bravery in the Korean War, 29th January 1952. He was met by Councillor J. Warren, the Mayor of his home town of Altrincham. Photo by Douglas Miller / Keystone / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Bill Speakman, better known as the “Beer Bottle VC”, single-handedly took on a brigade of Chinese People’s Army Infantry in four hours of close-quarters combat. As he ran out of actual weapons, he began throwing beer bottles -- and, somehow, survived. Tune in to learn more about Big Bill Speakman, the Beer Bottle VC (and learn why he came to hate this nickname).