Teddy Bears, Rhinos, Safari and Everywhere Else: A Conversation with Daniel Scheffler

A teddy bear formerly owned by Kermit Roosevelt, thought to be made by Michtom, early 1900s. Tim Evanson / Smithsonian Museum of Natural History / Creative Commons

Although he was wildly popular during his final Presidential term (the world-famous Teddy Bear was even inspired by him), Theodore Roosevelt declined to run for the office again in 1908. Immediately after the inauguration of President Howard Taft in 1909, Roosevelt set out on his dream trip -- a safari across the African continent. Join the guys and special guest Daniel Scheffler, the host of Everywhere, as they explore the complicated, paradoxical relationship Roosevelt had with conservation and hunting, along with how a Teddy Bear inspired Daniel to travel to over 120 countries.<br><br>You can listen to Everywhere wherever podcasts are available. Listen <a href="https://megaphone.link/HSW9869133498">here</a>.